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Most Amazing DIY Bedroom Hacks and Ideas!
May 21, 2021

Most Amazing DIY Bedroom Hacks and Ideas!

Hey guys!

Are you ready for a room refresh? Or maybe you need some cool ideas to decorate your dorm room? No worries, I’ve got you covered! Here are some of my favorite bedroom hacks and ideas that will make your space look amazing!


Some of the best bedroom hacks and ideas don’t require a ton of money or DIY know-how to make happen. It’s all about getting creative with your space.

Hang your lamp instead of putting it by your bedside. Not only will it look great, but hanging it means you don’t need a nightstand, or you can use your nightstand for something else.

Skip the bed frame. Just get an air mattress, and put some milk crates underneath to raise your bed and give you extra storage.

Float your furniture. Floating furniture can give the illusion of space. Try a floating table, desk, or dresser in addition to floating shelves.


You spend so much time in your bedroom, you want it to look good, right? There are so many cool ideas that you can use to make your bedroom super organized.

Floating Shoe Shelf. Floating shelves are great for displaying books or decorations in your room, but how about using them for your shoes? Install them in a corner, stacked up, and use it as shoe storage.

Hanging Organizers Everywhere. Anywhere there’s a door, you can utilize the space by sticking a hanging organizer on it. Use hanging organizers to store anything — shoes, cleaning supplies, books, or makeup.

Rolling Carts. Rolling storage carts are super popular right now. You can buy them at IKEA, Michael’s, Target… pretty much anywhere. And for good reason, they’re extremely handy in small spaces and can be used for anything. Have one by your bedside as a nightstand with extra storage underneath. Put one in a bathroom for towels and toiletries. Use one in a kitchen as a spice rack. There’s nothing you CAN’T use one of these carts for!


When your mom kept telling you to clean your room, she was onto something. The nice thing about a small space is that there’s less to clean. The downside? It can get really messy, really fast. Here are some of my favorite bedroom hacks and ideas for cleaning that will keep your space looking great.

Clean as you go. It’ll just make you feel better about your space in general, and cleaning won’t feel like such a hassle since it will be pretty much done!

Furniture with extra storage is your friend. We’ll get into this more in the next section, but the more places you have to store your stuff, the happier you — and your room — will be.

Cut out the clutter. Don’t buy things you don’t need, and you won’t have to worry about having too much stuff to clean in your room. Some people like to use the “one in, one out” rule, meaning for every one item they bring home, they have to get rid of one item.


Even the smallest room can look like a palace — if you know how to use the space. What are some of the ways you can maximize your area?

Get furniture that does double duty. Instead of a headboard, put a bookshelf behind your bed for a unique look that will display your books, decorations, and other items. A console table can be both a shelf and a desk. Or put your desk where a footboard would be.

Go vertical for storage. Your room might not have extra storage space, but that doesn’t mean you have to toss all your belongings. Just think creatively — and vertically — instead. Put your bed on risers so you have storage under the bed. Install hooks and shelves to use every inch of your wall space as well.


Moving into your first apartment? Many trips to IKEA are probably in your future! Their furniture is already great for small spaces, but the DIY nature of their stuff means you can easily hack them to create items that are super customizable and still functional. Some of my faves?

Platform storage bed. A great hack involves converting a dresser into a platform bed, and you get a ton of storage underneath!

Kallax shelf hack. Who hasn’t owned one of these? These shelves are the ultimate in versatility. They make great bookshelves, or you can get the cloth covered boxes and use it as a dresser. Use one as a media center or a room divider. Get a small one and use it as a nightstand with extra storage. So. Many. Uses.


Is your room big on character but small on closet space? No problem, there’s a lot of things you can do to keep your clothes organized.

Hang a clothes rack in the corner. This will create a cute way to store your clothes that’s also visually appealing.

Use the back of your closet door for extra storage. You can easily store your shoes with a shoe organizer, or create a pegboard shoe rack. Or install hooks that can display your purses, scarves, or other accessories.

Go crazy with S hooks. You can put a bunch of S hooks on one hanger and hang all your tank tops on them — instant space saver. Or instead of buying a bunch of hangers for your pants, just put S hooks on your closet rod and use them to hang your pants without a bunch of extra bulk.

And of course, now that you have all that extra closet space, you can totally add some fun Azzyland merch to it!

Now that you know some great bedroom hacks and ideas, happy decorating! I love you all so much! Stay awesome, stay sweet, and don’t forget to be nice to each other. Bye bye!