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Amazing DIY Phone Life Hacks
January 14, 2021

Amazing DIY Phone Life Hacks

Hey, guys!

I want to share with you some of the best DIY phone life hacks ever! Try them out and see if they don’t change your life, I dare you! :) And if you love these and want more phone life hacks (because who wouldn’t want them?), then make sure to check out my video with even MORE tips and tricks.

Toothpaste hack

And now, here we go!


It’s amazing how many phone life hacks there are when it comes to keeping your phone charged up and ready to go! 

If you’re in a hurry to juice up your phone, put it on Airplane Mode. That stops it from looking for a signal, which helps you get to 100 percent battery life that much faster.

Speaking of battery life, don’t use your phone while it’s charging. (C’mon, you know you’re guilty of this. I am too!) You know those silly short charging cables that the manufacturers put in the box with our new phones? They do it ON PURPOSE.

Why? Why would they do that to us? Don’t they KNOW how useless a 2-inch charging cable is??

Oh, they know! They do it because it’s bad for the battery in the long run if you use the phone while it’s charging. So they figure we’ll be less tempted to do that if they give us annoyingly short charging cables.

Sneaky, sneaky! Can you believe it? Who knew? Even companies have phone life hacks.


Want to watch a video on your phone but don’t have a PopSocket? You can try propping it against a nearby object (which hardly ever works, but if you figured out the secret, please let me know!). Or, for a more sure-fire solution, try making a stand out of a paperclip.

I’m squealing with excitement over here. This is by far one of the best phone life hacks I’ve ever seen!

It’s super simple: get a paperclip, hold it sideways, and bend down the bigger loop. Next, what you’ll want to do is take the curved part of the smaller loop, and bend it up. Your paperclip will now look like a little wire bookend. Place your phone between the bent big loop and the curved small loop, and now you have a great little phone stand. Just watch out for sharp edges — you don’t want to damage your phone screen or your fingers.


Okay, so we all know we should probably have a case for our phones. I mean, those things are expensive! And since they’re with us 24/7 it makes sense we’d want to protect them.

(Note to self: buy phone case.)

But you don’t have to spend tons of money to get a cute phone case. Even something like this one from Amazon will do.

Some of my favorite DIY cases include a spray painted-on lace cover and a fun washi tape case. Both of them are super easy to do. Check it out!

To create the lace look, spray paint your phone cover black. After the phone case dries, take a piece of lace and put it on the cover, then spray paint it gold or silver. Done!

If you want something more colorful, grab your favorite washi tapes and create a gorgeous pattern or color combination on your phone cover. You can even add beads or charms to make it snazzier. 

And hey, if you get bored of the look and want to change it up, it’s super cheap and easy to create another cover!


And finally, some phone life hacks for life. Hmm, that wasn’t quite what I meant. Let me try this again.

And now, for some life hacks using your phone!

Your phone camera is good for so much more than selfies. (Although it’s pretty good for that too!) If you need help remembering things, you’ve got the perfect helper right in the palm of your hand! Use your phone camera to take a picture of things you might need to remember later. 

You know, things like what’s in your fridge or cupboard if you’re going to the grocery store. 

Or if you park somewhere and you’re not sure where you are, take a picture of the cross streets or a landmark nearby. 

If you’re going on a trip, take a picture of the stove to remind yourself that YES, you DID turn it off. Enjoy your vacation knowing you’re not going to burn your house down while you’re away!

Hope you all love these phone life hacks as much as I do. I love you all so much! Stay awesome, stay sweet, and don’t forget to be nice to each other. Bye bye!