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Best Amazon Life Hack Products
April 26, 2021

Best Amazon Life Hack Products

Hey guys!

It seems like you can find anything and everything on Amazon. Which is great, because it means you can find so many things that will make your life easier all on one website! Here are some of the best Amazon life hack products I’d like to share with you.


Check out a makeup brush machine for a tool that will clean AND dry your makeup brushes fast. Just fit your brush into the holder and stick the makeup brush in the little cleaning pot, and let the machine work its magic. After cleaning, it spins your brush dry so you can use your brush right away.


Hair chalk is a great way to add color to your hair without actually dying it. Non-toxic and allergy free, it’s super easy to use — just comb the color through your hair! When you’re done with the color, just shampoo it out of your hair.


Stay healthy on the go with a portable blender. Add your favorite ingredients and blend. If you need to charge it, use the handy USB cable to power it back up. And cleaning is super easy! Just put some water in the cup and press the button for automatic cleaning.


If you want curly hair but are afraid of damaging your hair with heat styling tools, then try going old school with foam hair curlers! But today’s hair curlers are very different from the ones women sported in the 1950s. Just search “pillow cloth hair curlers” on Amazon to find hair curlers that are softer and more comfortable than the old foam-and-plastic ones. Just roll your hair in them and go to sleep, and you’ll wake up in the morning with beautifully bouncy curls.


A foldable drying rack is probably one of the best Amazon life hack products you’ll want to buy if you’re headed off to college or getting your first apartment. Air dry delicates to keep them around longer; air dry any of your clothes to save on your drying bill. When you’re done with laundry, the drying rack folds away to take up practically no space.


Seriously, this makeup life hack is a game changer. Remove your makeup without harsh chemicals or skin drying makeup remover wipes with microfiber makeup remover cloths. No more disposable makeup wipes! Just add water and wipe off your makeup. They’re machine washable and will last a long time. They even have little microfiber makeup remover cloths for your eye makeup! Your skin, your wallet, and the environment will thank you for getting these.


This little kitchen item is called Bluapple because it looks like, well, a blue apple. It may look funny, but it will keep your produce fresher for longer. If you’re interested in the science behind it, it absorbs ethylene gas, which is what causes produce to ripen and eventually spoil. Put your fruits or veggies in the Bluapple to keep your food fresh for up to a week or two longer than it normally would.


Movie night will never be ruined again by bad popcorn! One of the best Amazon life hack products, the Original Salbree Microwave Popcorn Popper is a silicone bowl that will make sure you have perfectly popped popcorn every time. Put in your popcorn kernels and stick the bowl in the microwave, and enjoy your delicious popcorn! It’s easy to clean and folds down for easy storage, too.


If you’d like a cheap way to prop up your phone or tablet, or just need something to help you get a grip on your device, check out PopSockets. PopSockets is known for their smartphone grips that stick to the back of your phone, in a wide variety of fun and colorful designs. The grips help you text with one hand, take better photos, and act as a little stand so you can view things easily on your phone. Most PopSockets are $20 or less, so they won’t break the bank when you purchase one.


No more clutter nightstands or messy bedroom floors! When it’s time for bed, a bedside organizer is a handy thing to have. You can store your favorite books, snacks, glasses, accessories, remote controls, or whatever you need for bedtime in a bedside caddy. It’s made of felt so it won’t scratch your glasses or phone, but it’s also thick and sturdy enough to hold whatever you put in it.

Now that you know some of the best Amazon life hack products out there, which ones are you eager to try? Happy shopping! And remember: I love you all so much! Stay awesome, stay sweet, and don’t forget to be nice to each other. Bye bye!