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Top 7 Cool Life Hacks That Actually Work!
April 19, 2021

Top 7 Cool Life Hacks That Actually Work!

Hey guys!

There are so many life hack suggestions out there, all promising to save you time and money. But what if there were life hacks that actually DO save you time and money? I’ve got some cool life hacks that actually work — and for a lot of these, you don’t need to do anything special except look around your house for these everyday items!


A tennis ball can make a cute all-purpose holder for your keys, mail, pens, or whatever! Just create a medium-sized slit in an old tennis ball with a knife or box cutter. Don’t cut too deep and split the tennis ball in half! Add eyes to create a little tennis ball face that greets you when you stick your keys or mail in its mouth.


Want a drink but it’s lukewarm? Wrap a wet paper towel around your drink and put it in the freezer. Wait about 15 minutes, and then pull it out. It should be practically ice cold. Enjoy!


If you’re boiling water on the stove, put a wooden spoon across the pot to keep the contents from boiling over. If the water starts to get too high, the spoon pops the bubbles to keep it from boiling over as quickly, so you have time to get back to the stove to turn the heat down. I recommend only using a wooden utensil — a metal spoon will work, but you would need an oven mitt to remove it because it will get too hot to touch. Also, this could warp your wooden spoon, so maybe use a utensil you don’t mind getting ruined.


Do you have a plastic tub or bag full of random cords for various electronic gadgets around your house? Keep them organized with old toilet roll holders or paper towel roll holders. Just stick a cord in the cardboard tube. (If you’re using paper towel roll holders, you might want to cut them in half to store your cords.) As a bonus, you can scribble which electronic item the cord goes with on the cardboard tube. Grab a Sharpie or make it pretty with some washi tape.


If you’re hosting a backyard barbecue, use a muffin tin to serve condiments or toppings. Relish, ketchup, pickles, mustard and everything else will all be in one easy-to-reach place for guests, and it cuts down on your cleaning afterwards.

This also works for Taco Tuesday — you can use the different muffin slots for salsa, cheese, cilantro, and other toppings.


Camping in the woods but can’t find kindling? Break into your snacks and grab some Doritos! Doritos will work as kindling if you’re in a pinch. It will either impress your friends at how resourceful you are, or make them sad that the snacks are all gone.


These cool life hacks that actually work will also help you get crafty with your nail polish collection. Nail polish has so many uses besides just making your fingernails and toes pretty. Here are some ideas you might want to try.

Do you carry multiple keys? Use different colors of nail polish to help you out. Paint nail polish on the heads of your keys to identify which key is which.

If you’re wearing pantyhose or tights and you notice a run or snag starting, put some clear nail polish on it to stop the snag from getting bigger.


Here are some more cool life hacks that actually work: If you’re heading out for a vacation or a long trip, do something unusual when you’re locking the door or turning off the stove to remember that you’ve done it.

Another thing you can do is take a picture of your stove showing that it’s off so if you have a moment of panic, you can just look at the picture to remind yourself that it’s off.

Your phone camera also comes in handy for parking lots and street parking. Take a picture of your parking spot, the parking garage floor letter or number, or the cross streets of where you parked so you can find your car easily when you’re done running your errands.

Now that you know some cool life hacks that actually work, which one are you going to try first? I hope these all make your life so much easier. I love you all so much! Stay awesome, stay sweet, and don’t forget to be nice to each other. Bye bye!