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Cute, Weird, Cool, and Funny Names for Among Us!
February 28, 2021

Cute, Weird, Cool, and Funny Names for Among Us!

Hey guys!

Okay, if you haven’t played Among Us yet, where have you been for the entire last year? While this indie game has been around for a few years, it really took off during lockdown as a fun way to play video games online with friends.

Among Us is a super simple murder mystery type game: you and your friends are crewmates on a space ship, fixing various issues on your ship. But be careful — there is an imposter in your group (sometimes more than one!) who will kill off various players and try to deflect suspicion from themselves, so they can continue killing off more crew members. You and your crewmates need to find the imposter and get rid of them before it’s too late.

You can play the game for free on your mobile phone, or purchase it for your computer orNintendo Switch.

Since it’s so crazy popular right now, I wanted to share some of my favorite funny names for Among Us. If you need a good character name for your next game, try one of these!

Funny Names for Among Us

Afraid of appearing sus? Try some of these names to lighten the mood and make you seem innocent.

1. Where?
2. ImInnocent
3. Skip
4. NotMe
5. YesItsMe
6. VoteMe
7. DontKillMe
8. Everyone
9. NotAThreat
10. Disconnected
11. Anonymous
12. KillMeIfYouCan
13. ImBatman
14. Imposter
15. ISawYouVented
16. Impasta
17. DoinMyTasks
18. Sus
19. FBI
20. VentCleaner
21. WasntMe
22. Someone
23. Janitor
24. ItsYou
25. Toast
26. Why Me

Weird Among Us Names

Instead of funny names for Among Us, how about some really weird ones? Try these character names out in your next game to get some interesting reactions from your crewmates.

1. DeadAmongUs
2. AlienCutiePie
3. InBetween
4. RIPImposter
5. CrewCheeks
6. SpaceRuler
7. Sanitizer
8. Reddidit
9. Saboteur
10. SpaceWalker
11. DogLover
12. FakeUser
13. AmongRejects

Cool Names for Among Us

Maybe your playing style is a little more cool. You play to win! Try some of these deceptive usernames in your next Among Us game to level up.

1. Crewmate5
2. Bot2
3. IAmInJail
4. IVoted
5. YellowHater
6. RedFriend
7. Who
8. YourFriend
9. Testing_24/7
10. U_Sus
11. LoyalFriend
12. No one (so if you get kicked off the ship, the message will read “No one was ejected”. Whaa??)

Also, you can name yourself after your friend’s character color to really make things interesting. Usually, players refer to other players with the color of their character instead of a username, and because your name is a different color, it would just make things more confusing.

If you want to take your username up a notch, go invisible. Just copy and paste a blank space into the name field. You can’t do this using your spacebar, but the game will let you copy and paste a blank space in with no issues. Too bad you can’t make your actual character go invisible too! But at least this is the next best thing. :)

Cute Names for Among Us

Maybe you don’t want any funny names for Among Us. Something cute and catchy is more your style. Try these username ideas for cute and silly vibes. Don’t forget to wear the appropriate outfit!

1. Capt., Dr. or Engr. + Name — There are certain skin options that actually go with these titles. Plus, every good ship has a Captain, Doctor, or Engineer of some kind!
2. Jason — Put on a hockey mask, and you’re ready to star in your own Friday the 13th movie!
3. Santa — Red skin, Santa hat, and you’re all set.
4. Elvis Presley — Wear a black suit and black Elvis hair, and you’re there.
5. Vegetable and Fruit Names — Wear the green leaf hat as your headgear, then pick a color to make you look like a fruit or veggie. Some ideas include Tomato (Red), Eggplant (Purple), Carrot (Orange), Turnip (White), and Mango or Lemon (Yellow).
6. Pilot — Pick the white pilot’s cap for this look. There is also a matching white outfit complete with epaulets.
7. Co-pilot — If you’d like the pilot’s look but would rather play a supporting role, just swap out the pilot’s cap with a pair of red headphones.

Take some time to look through the various skins and hats in the game. What silly, cute, or funny names can you come up with based on the different looks?

You can also name your character after some of YOUR favorite characters! Try one of these one for a laugh:

1. MrsDoubtfire
2. MichaelScott
3. TheTerminator
4. LukesFather
5. Sherlock
6. SmoothCriminal
7. SkyWalker
8. UnderTaker
9. WalterWhite
10. BillGates
11. DarthVader
12. DrWatson
13. MrRobot

Now that you know some funny names for Among Us, get your friends together and go play the game! I love you all so much! Stay awesome, stay sweet, and don’t forget to be nice to each other. Bye bye!