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Top 9 Fun Social Media Challenges You Need to Try!
April 15, 2021

Top 9 Fun Social Media Challenges You Need to Try!

What’s better than watching the latest TikTok musical or posting yet another Instagram story? How about being a part of the action? I’ve got some ideas for some fun social media challenges that will spice up your social media app of choice. Try any, or all of them! 


  • #PillowChallenge

This silly, funny trend is perfect for fashion-minded folks. Grab your pillow, dress it up however you like, and then place it on your body as if you were wearing a mini-dress. Secure it in place with a gorgeous belt, then take a pic! Even celebs like Halle Berry and Anne Hathaway are on board! 

  • #MannequinChallenge

A throwback from 2016, the Mannequin Challenge is one of the fun social media challenges that is making a comeback. You might need some help to do this one, so grab a friend and your phone! (And this one can be done while still social distancing, bonus!)

To participate in this challenge, all you have to do is stay frozen in a pose like a mannequin while a camera moves around and films you, with the hip-hop song “Black Beatles” by Rae Sremmurd playing in the background. Once your friend captures you on camera, switch! And try to save the giggles until after the camera’s off. :)

  • #FliptheSwitch

Flip The Switch is another one of those fun social media challenges that puts the “social” in the social media part of the challenge! Grab a friend or family member (someone in your quarantine bubble, since you’ll be a little close for this one) and play Drake’s song “Nonstop” in the background. (The lyrics “I just flipped the switch” are actually what inspired this challenge.) 

Do a little dance or something similar and fun for the first few seconds before you turn off the lights and quickly turn them back on again. When the light comes back on, you and your friend will have swapped clothing!

  •  #GestureChallenge

The Gesture Challenge will definitely challenge your hand and eye coordination, but it’s super fun and will give you lots of laughs while you try it out! Created by Instagram user @I.M.Noel, you can head over to @I.M.Noel’s profile to get the filter to do the challenge. The filter’s creator will also show you how it’s done if you want a tutorial before you try it out for yourself.

Ready to go? Press and hold the middle icon to start your video. A set of hand gestures will appear at the top of the screen. Try to copy the gestures in time to the beat.

Don’t forget to tag your friends so they can try it too, and tag @I.M.Noel so your challenge video can be reposted!

  • #UntilTomorrow

Time to break out those photos you like to pretend don’t exist! In this social media challenge, all you have to do is post a silly or embarrassing photo of yourself on your Instagram feed, with the caption “Until Tomorrow.” Keep track of who liked your photo, and 24 hours later delete the photo. (Pics or it didn’t happen, am I right?) 

Remember the people who liked the photo? Now it’s their turn! Send them a direct message to challenge them to post their own #UntilTomorrow photo.

  • #PlankChallenge

Crank up Maggie Lindermann’s song “Pretty Girl” (you’ll probably want the faster remix for this challenge) and grab a friend. (There are some solo dancers out there, but part of the fun of this challenge is dancing with a friend in perfect sync.) Some popular moves involve dancing up stairs or even doing a workout. Check out #plankchallenge on TikTok for ideas, and come up with some completely new and fun ones of your own!

  • #BetweenArtandQuarantine

Ever wanted to be the Mona Lisa? How about Rodin’s The Thinker? Thanks to the Getty Museum, now you can! 

The J. Paul Getty Museum created a popular and fun social media challenge that also has a cultural and educational slant. Using items around your house (or other people, or even pets!), recreate a famous painting, statue, or other work of art. Don’t forget to use the #BetweenArtandQuarantine tag as well as the hashtag #GettyMuseumChallenge to show off your creation. 

One of the most popular household items to feature in this challenge is, of course, toilet paper. It’s good for so many uses!

  • #TrickShot

This is a fun social media challenge where you don’t *need* to have a friend help you, but it would definitely add to the fun! (Especially if you decide you want to try a variation on the Trick Shot Challenge.)

The original challenge is this: grab some plastic cups and set one up a few feet away from you. This could be at the end of a table, at the bottom of your stairs, or even on the floor. Try to flip your other cups into that cup. It’s harder than it sounds! 

Are you already a Trick Shot Challenge master? Try some variations on this challenge! One thing you can do is bounce ping pong balls down your stairs to try to land them in a cup positioned at the bottom of the staircase. Another variation includes your friend: grab a hairdryer and your ping pong ball, bounce the ball off the floor, and see if your friend can “catch” the ball with the hair dryer. (Make sure you turn the hair dryer on first!)

  • #DoodleChallenge

The Doodle Challenge is a fun social media challenge that requires at least two people to play, although it’s funnier with more people involved. 

The Doodle Challenge is when the game of Pictionary meets Telephone. Here’s the basics of both of these classic games.

Pictionary: One person thinks of a word or phrase and does their best to try to draw it, with their teammates trying to guess what the person is drawing.

Telephone: A group of people sit in a line or a circle. The first person whispers a word or phrase to the person to their right. The second person whispers that phrase to the next person, until the phrase goes around the circle or down the line. The last person says the phrase out loud, which is usually very different from the original phrase but is always good for a laugh.

Now that you know how to play those two games, here’s how to do the Doodle Challenge.

A sheet of paper is put on Person One’s back, with Person Two drawing whatever they want. Person One also has a sheet of paper in front of them, and they will try to recreate the figure that Person Two is drawing on their back by mimicking the movements they feel on their back.  

I hope these fun social media challenges will entertain you and create some awesome times with your friends! I love you all so much! Stay awesome, stay sweet, and don’t forget to be nice to each other. Bye bye!