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How to Prank Your Brother at Home with No Worries
February 28, 2021

How to Prank Your Brother at Home with No Worries

Hey guys!

Are you sick of your brother always getting the better of you? Or maybe you’re just bored after this seemingly endless lockdown and have some pent-up energy that you need to get out of your system? Maybe a good prank is just what you need (to do to your brother)!

It goes without saying that when you prank your brother, don’t do anything that could get either of you hurt, in trouble with your parents (or worse!), or is anything mean-spirited. These pranks are just for fun!

And now, keep reading to find some creative ways on how to prank your brother at home!


Your home provides some of the best places to stage a prank on your brother.

One thing you can do is plan an attack from the closet. Pick a time when your brother is at home, but thinks you’re going out. (Maybe when your mom goes on a Target run next, say really loudly that you’re going with her!) After you’ve “left,” text your brother and tell him to go to the closet (whichever closet you’re hiding in) to check on something for you. When he opens the door, spring out at him and say, “Boo!” That should definitely scare him!

Another thing you can do is scare him at the front door by hiding in a box. Find a big cardboard box you can climb into, put it on the front porch, then ring the doorbell and quickly get in the box, making sure to close it over yourself. When your brother opens the door and starts to pick up the box, you can jump out at him! Just make sure he’s not near the door to see you when you’re climbing into the box.


Want to know how to prank your brother at home while he’s sleeping? Is he a sound sleeper? He might not want to close his eyes after you play these pranks on him!

Here’s an idea: you can make him put whipped cream on his face while he’s asleep. This works best if he’s sleeping on his back, with his arms out. Put some whipped cream in the palms of his hands. Then, use a feather or something similar and gently brush it over his face. When he reaches out to scratch his face, he’ll get whipped cream all over his face instead!

Another food-related idea: While your brother is fast asleep, stack some slices of bread on his face. How many slices can you stack? It’s completely harmless, but you’ll get some super funny pictures from the prank! (You did remember to bring your phone in the room with you, didn’t you? Maybe just don’t use the flash… unless your brother is a REALLY heavy sleeper!)


Of course, April Fool’s Day is the holy grail of prank days. Your brother may be expecting something, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pull a great prank anyway! Here’s how to prank your brother at home for April Fool’s Day!

Make your brother think his mouth is bleeding by adding food coloring to his toothbrush. This prank is super easy to do because you know when your brother will be brushing his teeth. (To make it even simpler, put the food coloring on his toothbrush the night before, so in the morning he’ll have a funny wake up surprise!) Just put a small bit of red food coloring on his toothbrush.

One thing you can do that will drive your brother crazy is to switch up the contents of his drawers. If it’s possible to remove the dresser drawers, you can replace them in other spots. Or, if that’s not possible, just move the contents of one drawer into another until you’ve switched up all the items. It will completely confuse him!

Another way you can prank your brother and confuse him is by sticking some cotton in your brother’s shoes. The next time he puts his shoes on, he’ll think he’s outgrown his shoes. If he doesn’t check his shoes, he may even walk around with the stuffed shoes all day! This prank works great on boots and sneakers, so have some fun with it!

Now that you know how to prank your brother at home, get your friends together and go play the game! I love you all so much! Stay awesome, stay sweet, and don’t forget to be nice to each other. Bye bye!